Suspended Non-Personnel Platforms (SNP Series)




  • Designed in full compliance to meet or exceed OSHA 1926, ASME B30.30, ASME BTH-1 & AWS D14.1 Criteria.
  • High strength, square-tubing design with reinforced construction.
  • Sides enclosed with expanded metal.
  • Steel continuous toe plate.
  • Floor - Non slip diamond plate.
  • Exterior pad eyes for anchoring and tag line use.
  • Safety warning decals and permanent metal ID plate.
  • Finish - Highly Durable, Safety Yellow Paint.
  • AWS D14.1 certified welding procedures.
  • Each SUPERCAGE™ is load tested 200% of the capacity.
  • Inspection and Load Test Certification supplied.
  • Operator’s manual supplied.
  • One year warranty.
  • Fully covered by product liability insurance

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