SuperCage™ Product Information

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SuperCage™ products can be ordered in any size or shape to meet your specific applications. We also manufacture non-personnel, medical evacuation, and welding equipment SuperCages™. Ask about our SuperCage™ DFA (Direct Fixed Attached) Personnel Platforms (cages) which attach directly to the end of the boom on most cranes. DFA models do not require a bridle assembly.

All SuperCage™ products were designed to incorporate the following as standard equipment:

  • Removable components for easy maintenance and repairs
  • Construction — high strength steel square tubing
  • Door — inward swing, self-closing, self-latching (with outward stop plate)
  • Grab-rail on entire inside perimeter
  • Anchors for personnel safety belts or body harness
  • Toe plate — (entire inside perimeter)
  • Expanded metal from floor deck to top of midrail
  • Floor — non-slip material
  • Exterior pad eyes for anchoring and tagline use
  • Eight (8) upper reinforcing gussets at bail area (for added strength)
  • Special warning decals and permanent metal ID plate
  • Painted with high durability, safety yellow
  • Operating manual furnished
  • Video for safe operation

Options available at additional cost:

  • Easily-detachable test weight assembly for load test procedure
  • 5-part wire rope lifting attachment (bridle)
  • Protective roof — expanded or solid metal
  • Fixed crosshead with lifting eye (for direct attach to hook)
  • Forklift attachment with safety restraint
  • Rubber bumpers on external perimeter
  • Tool/storage shelf (inside)
  • MSHA upper screens
  • Alternate paint colors and finishes


Supercage products are designed, engineered, manufactured, and certified to meet or exceed all existing Federal and State codes, ASME B30-23, REV 2005, Title 29 CFR Part 1926.550(g), Crane and Derrick Suspended Personnel Platform. Inspection, load-test and certification documents furnished.


CAUTION: Platforms are to be used
only in compliance with federal rules
and regulations.